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Supplemental Study Courses

                      OTDR Fundamentals: 2-Day OTDR Technician Course

                               Understanding OTDRs (Optical Time Domain Reflectometers)

Course Goals and Prerequisites

OTDRs are one of the most powerful tools for fiber optic testing but are also one of the most complicated and, based on the questions we get at The Fiber Optic Academy, misunderstood and misused. There are two issues, 1) understanding how to use the instrument itself with all the controls needed to operate it and 2) understanding how OTDRs make measurements and how to interpret the results. Manufacturers tend to focus on teaching you how to use the instrument or often tell you the instrument is smarter than you and just use the "auto test" button, instructions that have proven to cause expensive problems. This course is designed to focus on #2 - understanding how the OTDR works and how to interpret the OTDR data.

OTDR Fundamentals

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