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CFOS/T - Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in                     Testing Course

CFOS/T: 2-Day Testing & Maintenance Fiber Optic Specialist Course

This 2-day fiber optics CFOS/T - Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Testing - is the FOA certification for technicians testing fiber optic cable plants and communications systems. This is a specialist application certification is intended for high level technicians involved in the testing of fiber optic components, cable plants during and after installation and troubleshooting of fiber networks. The KSAs for CFOS/T cover fiber optic testing from concept to completion, including visual inspection and cleaning, visual tracing and fault location, optical power measurement, insertion loss testing and OTDR testing. The requirements also include a familiarity with fiber characterization for long distance high speed networks but that is covered in another specialist certification.  This FOA Approved Course is Recognized by the US Dept. of Labor.

Prerequisite: CFOT 

CFOS/T - Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Testing Course
The fiber optic academy LSPM demonstration
The fiber optic academy VFL demonstration
The fiber optic academy instructor inspecting connector

What To Expect In Training Programs For Testing Specialist Certification

FOA-Approved training for Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Testing certification meets the following requirements:

  • Classroom sessions covering all test equipment, methods and standards

  • Inspecting and cleaning connectors correctly

  • Training in both insertion loss testing and optical time domain reflectometry (OTDR testing)

  • Include testing of both singlemode and multimode fibers

  • Understanding of measurement errors in tests

  • May include advanced test methods (SA, CD, PMD)

  • Instructor verification of achievement of advanced skills in testing

  • Course includes ~50% lab time

How Does One Qualify for the FOA CFOS/T Certification?

FOA CFOS/T Testing Specialist certification means the person with a CFOT certification has demonstrated extensive testing and troubleshooting of various types fiber optics cabling using the OTDR, VFL and Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) - commonly called the power source & light meter. These requirements are summarized as KSAs (knowledge, skills, abilities). KSAs for the CFOS/T certification can be found in Section 1 of your CFOS/T Student Manual.

Knowledge is tested with
the FOA CFOS/T exam taken by all applicants at the end of class.

Skills can be demonstrated in hands-on lab exercises and verified by instructors giving an FOA-Approved course. 

Abilities: Fiber optic techs need the ability to perform relevant tasks, evidenced by showing skills in hands-on tasks during class hands-on splicing activities.

What Are the Benefits of FOA Certification ?
Like any certification program, the benefits to the members who pass the certification tests are based on the recognition of achieving a level of competence in the fiber optics field. For the end user looking for competent fiber optic personnel, it is the knowledge that this person has demonstrated knowledge and ability in the field and, perhaps even has documented experience. For the vendor of fiber optic products, it offers a technically- qualified pool of employees as well as contractors to recommend to end user customers who need to find installers for their networks. Many companies require FOA certifications or even offer FOA certifications to their personnel through internal training classes.

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