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The Fiber Optic Academy Classroom Activities

The question always comes up.  "What will I be doing in the classes offered by The Fiber Optic Academy?"


1.) You can expect at least 50% hands-on activities in any of our technician courses.

2.) Our instructors will provide real world techniques with real world hands-on exercises.

3.) There will be some lecture time in all of our classes.  So, be prepared to take notes.  Our Student Manuals have "note taking" areas throughout.  So, you need bring only a pen and legible hand writing.

4.) Prepare to get you hands dirty.  Take a look at some of our actual classroom photos below.

The Fiber Optic Academy classroom activities.
The Fiber Optic Academy connector installation.
OTDR trace explanation slide.  How to read traces.
The Fiber Optic Academy fusion splicer..
How to properly dress fiber into a splice tray.


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