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PRESS RELEASE September 2, 2023

Press Release





The Fiber Optic Academy

3002 Midway Road

Donaldson, AR 71941

Contact: Steve Hudson, Email:

Ph: 501-492-9161



The Fiber Optic Academy is pleased to announce the arrival of its newest fiber optics technician course OTDR Fundamentals.


September 2, 2023 – The Fiber Optic Academy announced today that it is now offering a 2-day, OTDR Fundamentals Course for qualified fiber optics technicians. 


OTDR Fundamentals Course

This 2-day OTDR Fundamentals course is designed to provide detailed information on the functionality of the OTDR, its operating parameters, and how to read and analyze its traces.  Specifically, with lecture and substantial hands-on activities, the student will learn the following: What is an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)?  How is this instrument used in testing optical fibers?  What information is embedded in an OTDR trace? How does an OTDR function in conjunction with an OLTS (Optical Loss Test Set)?  How does one make measurements of fiber length, attenuation or splice/connector loss, and reflectance in both singlemode and multimode fiber optics cable?  How does a technician set OTDR test parameters correctly?

​Finally, with substantial hands-on activities with actual fiber optics cable, the technician will learn the measurement uncertainties associated with the OTDR test as well as the meanings of gainers and ghosts.


Prerequisites for the OTDR Fundamentals Course

The prerequisite for this course is the FOA CFOT, Basic Fiber Optics Technician Course or verifiable field experience.


This OTDR Fundamentals Course can be conducted at private company locations, as well as, in campus classrooms.  All tools, training materials, and OTDR test equipment is provided.

The Fiber Optic Academy is a Donaldson, Arkansas based, FOA Sanctioned, fiber optics network training company providing professional training throughout the United States.



To request more information:

Contact The Fiber Optic Academy

Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm


We are a veteran-owned company.

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