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Bob Ballard - FOA Certified Instructor,  Ph: 717-663-9099 Email:

Bob Ballard, Director of Marketing

Bob Ballard

FOA Certified Instructor

Certifications Held


Since 1977 Bob has been involved in the voice & data industry first as a sales representative for various small suppliers then as a national sales representative for major manufacturers of fiber optics related cable and equipment. 


In 1999, Bob began building an FOA sanctioned fiber optics training company that would soon become the largest and most successful in the United States.  Bob's company not only conducted fiber optics training sessions on the continent, but he also traveled to islands such as Sint Eustatius (known locally as Statia) to conduct two fiber optics training sessions for Valero Petroleum Company.  The island is in the northern Leeward Islands, southeast of the Virgin Islands. Sint Eustatius is immediately to the northwest of Saint Kitts and southeast of Saba.

In 2007, Bob and his company was responsible for the design and implementation of the largest fiber to the desk project in the US.  The project called for fiber to be installed in 7 courthouse locations in the state of Texas beginning with the 12-story courthouse in downtown Houston.   Bob taught the on-site network technicians and supervisors at each location how to do the job themselves thus saving a substantial amount of money on local integrators.

In 2012, Bob was called upon to install singlemode fiber at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies.  The resort had recently been damaged by a hurricane and the management decided that singlemode fiber would replace the damaged and aging copper network throughout the resort complex.

In 2018, Bob sold his great company and retired to the golf course.  We are happy that Bob has decided come out of retirement to join with us as we continue to spread fiber optics networking knowledge throughout the US and beyond.


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